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  • Smart Home Technology

    Enhance your lifestyle with simple, yet sophisticated control of music, video, lights, climate and more…

  • Lighting Control

    Create the perfect ambiance and save energy with intelligent and effortless control of your lights

  • Motorized Window Treatments

    Maximize convenience, comfort and efficiency with automated window coverings for shades, drapery, and more…


    Smart Home Technology

    There are countless smart home technology solutions available to enhance your lifestyle. Home lighting control and motorized shading allow you to set the perfect scene for entertaining. Select your favorite music playlist on your smartphone and sit back as you listen to your favorite tunes throughout your home multi-room audio system. Even receive notifications from your surveillance cameras or video doorbells and view footage directly on your mobile device. Alpine Vista also specializes in home automation installation in Silverthorne and throughout Colorado, so we will integrate all of your smart home devices into a single control system that’s easy for you to manage. As Breckenridge’s premier Control4 installer, we’ll establish the right custom automation commands dedicated to adding efficiency to your day-to-day tasks.

    Lighting Control

    A standard on/off switch shouldn’t be the only way you can control your home’s lights. Our integrated smart lighting solutions ensure that won’t be the case. As a leading Lutron installer, we will merge the lighting controls for every bulb throughout your property into a single system that will be convenient for you to manage. Turn off every light in your home by pressing a button on your smartphone or use state-of-the-art lighting dimmers in place of manual switches to customize a room’s lighting levels. Even create personalized lighting “scenes” that will turn on multiple lights in several rooms with one button-press – perfect for when you wake up in the morning or arrive home with groceries. We even can include automation features such as occupancy and photo sensors that will save you from unnecessary energy spending.

    Motorized Window Treatments

    A versatile smart solution, motorized blinds and shades are perfect for home automation systems. Forget about the hassle of using drawstrings or manually rolling your blinds up and down. Instead, control your window treatments through a remote, in-wall keypad or mobile device. Set automation commands for your shades to raise at a specific time of day, allowing natural light into your home, and include photosensors for them to automatically lower at direct sunlight – protecting your interior from glare and harmful UV rays. Seasonally adjust the shading systems in your home to optimize your energy consumption. Feature cellular shades during the winter, for example, that will insulate heat, and showcase solar shades in the summer that will reflect it while still maintaining a beautiful view of the Colorado outdoors.


    Enjoy a professional home networking solution that enhances your internet performance. We will build an entire network infrastructure that not only will feature high-bandwidth capability but also high-speed internet access throughout every corner of your property. How? By adding wireless access points and secure network encryption to keep your information safe and your connection robust. Alpine Vista goes above and beyond for Eagle and Summit County homeowners by also offering network integration and monitoring services. We will connect your devices to your new network for you and continually review your network performance on a complimentary basis. That way, we can proactively assess any threats to the well-being of your network and keep your technology operating at its best.


    You won’t always be at home to monitor your property. That’s why we are expert installers of smart surveillance systems in Keystone and throughout Colorado. We have unique expertise in placing security cameras and video doorbells throughout local homes, with the aim of deterring any potential intruders. View live or recorded footage from your home surveillance cameras remotely from anywhere in the world, directly on your smartphone or tablet. Your cameras will continuously record in 4K Ultra HD definition, meaning you will always have a clear view of what is happening at your property. You even can have the ability to pan, tilt and zoom in on your footage. With our custom home surveillance solutions, you can always keep an eye on your property.

    Climate Control

    Feature custom climate control technology to make your Colorado property more environmentally friendly. With integrated smart home devices, you can lower your energy output and drastically save on monthly bills. Add an intelligent thermostat that will launch into eco-mode whenever your home is unoccupied, maintaining your interior at an efficient temperature. Your thermostat also can provide you with temperature recommendations optimized for lower energy consumption and instantly alert you if room temperatures ever reach extreme levels. Include energy-efficient LED lighting, proven to consume significantly less energy than incandescent and fluorescent bulbs. Even showcase motorized shade styles designed for climate control based on the time of year. We at Alpine Vista Home Cinema & Automation value eco-friendly technology for our smart home installations. We’ll work with you to develop a solution customized to your preferences.

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